Therapeutic Bath Remod

I know it might seem strange but remodeling almost any part of my home is my therapy.  I love to have something to dive into and really engage in the process.  I am in the process of re-doing my master bathroom.  My day starts out with a quick 15 minute mindfulness meditation and a cup of coffee while watching the weather on tv.  I normally don’t sit around for too long because I have realized that sitting alone for me can take me to an anxious place if I have nothing to do.  By 8am I am normally fully engulfed in the days project.

Today’s project is replacing the sink in my master bathroom.  My wife and I have always hated sharing a sink.  We have a small house and bathroom but we happened to find a pretty cool porcelain trough sink that has two faucets.  It was a special order because it is so small that it probably would not sell very well in a retail setting.  I suppose maybe some of the tiny house people might be their prime target demographic since space is at a premium in those.

The removal and install all went really well besides one hitch.  When I shut off and disconnected the water lines, the shut off valve had a slow leak that just would not stop.  I have learned since then that this tends to happen when the valve is not turned off and on every now and then so I will keep that in mind in the future.  I was a bit freaked out that the valve would continue to leak so to be on the safe side I called a company named Canton 24 Hour Plumbing that I mentioned in my last post and was able to ask them some questions.  They were actually very helpful and told me that a simple valve replacement was something I could definitely handle on my own if I was at all mechanically inclined.  I was a bit shocked by that as you normally hear plenty of plumber horror stories.  Obviously, I had used these guys before so it was nice that they were willing to help even when no money was involved.

The cool thing about this sink is that it completely replaces the counter top so we didn’t have to spend a couple hundred dollars on granite. Teaser picture below.  Sorry for the partial picture, I don’t want to share the entire project until I have the entire bathroom completed. 🙂

Water from a faucet in master bath.

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