From dirty carpet to majestic hardwood

So this past week has a bit trying.  My in-laws went out of town for 10 days and we are their go-to dog sitters, they have two dogs….. my grandmother also went into the hospital for heart surgery and they also asked us to watch their dog.  When you add in my dog into the mix that brings the total to 4 dogs.  Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if there were not so many issues with the dogs.  My in-laws dogs are pretty old, one of which experiences seizures on a monthly basis and they always seem to land on a day that we have him.  When he has a seizure he sometimes urinates and this past one he bit his lip and bled all over the carpet.  He also has trouble making it outside to go potty.  My grandparents dog is literally only a few months old and is not yet potty trained.  My grandparents are well intentioned but they have been using pee pads to try and train her.  This makes it very confusing for the pup since there is no consistency with her going outside to go potty.  Even with the pads on the floor, she still will not poo on them and only pees on them 2 out of 3 times.  Oh and she vomited once on the carpet this week as well.

As you can see, we have had almost every bodily fluid spread across our entire floor.  This is especially frustrating since every bit of it has been on the carpeted portion of our house.  Must be more cozy, lol. Now that brings me to the point.  The dogs leave in a couple days and we will be hiring a floor cleaning company to clean our carpets as a short term solution but starting in a couple weeks I will be installing brand new hardwood all throughout the house.  Standard hardwood will make the clean up much easier so we think it is a good choice.  We already have one portion of the house done in wood so we are hoping to tie in the new floor with the old and then have that portion refinished to match the new.  I plan to install the tongue and groove on my own but will probably hire a pro for the refinishing since that is something that can literally take years to master.  We will be sure to post update pics as we finish more projects.  Thanks for listening and letting me vent…. I needed that!

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