Come along with me

I know that this may seem a bit strange to see a site pop up that incorporates self improvement with home improvement but I have found that improving my home has been very therapeutic in practice.  I think this to be the case for a couple reasons.  One…. I happen to be interested in construction and remodeling and secondly, fixing up my old home has given me something to engage with when I was having trouble with anxiety.  I find it much easier to concentrate on something that I find interesting rather than trying to use television shows or internet.  Working on my home gives me something physical to do that gets me off the couch and into doing mode.

I have dealt with anxiety for the last several years and despite all the different self help books I have read I was stuck with it for a long time.  Luckily that changed recently when I read a different type of anxiety book that took a non-traditional approach to living/dealing with anxiety.  My anxiety was different than a lot of people because it did not seem to include much in way of actual thoughts.  At least that is how it seemed for some time.  The most invasive symptom was this strange whoop in my stomach.  Very similar to the flip you experience in your stomach when going down a hill on a roller coaster although much less intense than that.  I realize now that this is just a physical reaction of certain hormones that my brain is releasing and that it doesn’t necessarily have to be perceived as a “bad” thing. I can choose to react with little concern and kind of shrug it off and continue on with my day.  An important part of this reaction though is to find something to engage with after you shrug it off and when you sit on a couch in a room by yourself this can become quite difficult.  Queue the home improvement!

Obviously, fixing up your house is not always a possible option for everyone.  There are many hurdles that one might face such as cost considerations, local and state permits and physical/skill restraints.  I am thankful that I am generally healthy and handy so for me it has been a great option to engage my brain.  Now that being said, there are a lot of things that I do not feel comfortable performing myself so throughout this process I do call on the professionals now and then. For my most recent project I decided that moving the main plumbing line was probably not the best idea so I called a local plumber to do the job.  I am also leery about doing electrical when it entails anything more than connecting the positive, negative and ground. 🙂 I have already done quite a few projects and I may make posts about previous projects in the future but for now I am planning to create blog posts documenting all of my current projects as they are being done.  Come along with me and engage in the home improvement path to self improvement!

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