Adding a two and a half car garage

So we have finally decided to take the home improvement to the outside of the house.  Our next project is to add a two car garage to the left side of our house. I can not even express how excited that this has me at the moment.  I have wanted a cool garage for as long as I can remember.  My dad used to have his wood working shop set up in our garage growing up and I have fond memories of hanging out and making cool furniture and other things.

I won’t be using my garage as a workshop since the wife and I would really like to be able to park out of the elements but I should be able to use the extra half a car space as a make shift work area.  This will come in handy for all the different projects that I do in our home.  I am a bit torn as to how I should utilize the rest of the space.  I could either set up a work out area or I might set up a little sound proof room that I could use to record music.  Nothing fancy or big but a place where I could record alone or with one or two friends if the opportunity arose.  I will probably end up making the music room over the work out are since I can continue to use the basement for working out since I have it all set up down there already anyways.

Obviously, pouring a foundation and building a garage frame is a bit out of my wheel house which is why I am going to have the foundation and frame for the new garage done by sub-contractors.  I do plan on helping if they allow me to but that is yet to be seen.  I will be doing the siding myself and my buddy is gonna help me with the electrical.  I will probably have a garage door company install the door and opener since that seems like it might be a bit tough to accomplish on my own as well.  I will be sure to update as we make progress.

Wood garage door

Dark Wooden Garage Door with brick wall background

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